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You can now download a  PDF in which many graphic artists have kindly participated, through their replies to the same question concerning their creation processes, is to arouse the interest of graphic artists, students and all graphic arts aficionados.


The question was:


When you work, do you think in terms of forms or in terms of a creation process? Do you have a clear vision of your final image or does it come only from an upstream creation process?

Here then is an outline of the working methods and thought processes of graphic designers today.




Each reply from a graphic designer is illustrated by images of his/her work (the illustration sometimes being the reply) together with the links to their websites for those who would like more information.




Clic these links to download it :




For "a big and heavy version" (60Mo) clic HERE (zip ) or HERE 




For "a smaller version" (14Mo) clic HERE 




Sorry about that, I am working on a better and easier way to download it.

Here is the name of all the participants (thank you very much to them):

Baldwin Sam
Base : Jean-Marc Joseph
BRND : Stanislas Chepurnov
Bygg Studio : Hanna Nilsson
Conor and David
Coolmix : Tim Schmitt & Johannes Spitzer
Demo Design : Justin Fines
DixonBaxi : Simon Dixon & Aporva Baxi
Dovier Yoann
Eatock Daniel
Gauckler Genevieve
Hello Jim : James Falconer
Pete Hughes : Workswatch
I am Mint Condition : Travis Stearn
Karlssonwilker : Hjalti Karlsson & Jan Wilker
Kotje : Corentin Pirard
Madame Paris : Alexandra Ruiz & Sandrine Pelletier
Magnus : GrandPeople
McFetridge Geoff
Morris Philip
Nowherehead : Craig Ward
Ogiva design : Joao Machado
Practise: James Goggin
Pragg Johan
Qian Qian
Rouse Andy : Tha Graphic Aware
Rumbero Design : Xavier Encinas
Som of Tam: Jason Tam
Stiletto : Stefanie Barth & Julie Hirschfeld
Tétier Florence
Vanni Pierre
Vignaux Damien
We Work For Them
Yeti vs Yeti : Ryan Miglinczy
Zinker und Pfeffer : Denny Backhaus

I hope you'll find it interesting.

Me, and Pierre Vanni, are going in England (Sheffield, Manchester) for a quick trip..... so Manystuff is going to be closed until Wednesday 11 October. Sorry about that!
So, you've got time to read "About the Process".


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rene 09/10/2008 18:28

the link dont work can you fix itsaludos

Alexandra 28/11/2006 14:03

Hi there, I found you on myspace accidently!
I am just downloading your report, as it sounds very interesting. I am somehow going to work with the process as a subject in my MA-project... So I am curious on how other people describe their processes.

Please visit my blog »Theory and Practice« where I write about illustration et alles.

Best wishes

designani 11/10/2006 07:43

I'm happy you back....this blog is awesomemany great portfolio i get from here....This blog is my inspiration......

jeremie 10/10/2006 09:09

de rien   :)  

mkl 09/10/2006 13:25

tjr otan de qualité sur se precieu site, tien a locaz va fair un tour sur le site de 'SEB JARNOT'...